Proposal building workflow

Ok, you have decided to bid on this request for proposal because you have the right team and the skills to match your customers needs. Now you have to build it. Let’s dive into a worklfow that crosses all the checkpoints to make an exhaustive proposal in the most efficient time.

This diagram might feel a bit complex at first. But don’t worry we will break it down. It is just common sense and cross validation to secure the content of your document. This process has been experienced and validated by hundreds of companies of any size. …

The way anticipation, and science-fiction, is influencing innovation, research and development and even politics.

I recently finished the french book “La pierre jaune” by Geoffrey Le Guilcher. It is a short term anticipation novel that imagines how France would react if a terrorist act was commited to the nuclear waste management facility of La Hague. We follow a group of people who has decided to stay where they live at “La Pierre Jaune” even if the radioactive cloud arrives right above their head. The author is a journalist who has investigated on La Hague. During his investigation, he discovered that…

Over the years, we have found and use numerous tools to guide our lead generation process. Here is a non-exhaustive list of tools that can help you to get a clear picture on your business.

This collection of tools is still a work in progress as we keep on discovering new ones every now and then. So we will keep on adding the best to this article. You may know lots of them but we hope you’ll discover some. Consider this article as a Swiss knife or a tool box.

We tried to present those tools in the order they…

A couple of weeks ago, I was listening to a conversational podcast on which the host talks with an artist about her creation workflow. She said she can craft during hours an Instagram story that will only stay online for 24h. This made me realize the big corporates had probably broken the online attention game with the “stories” feature…

Leonardo Di Caprio in Django Unchained by Quentin Tarantino

First they only wanted our money

Basically a B2C relationship is based on money. So initially the corporate sells a service or a product in exchange of the customer’s money. …

You have just received a Request For Proposal from a customer. Quick! You only have few days to build an answer because your competitors are already working on it!!! But be careful not to mix up speed with haste. Take a step back and analyze the situation.

As we saw it in a previous article, the more RFQ we manage, the less we close deals with customers. So this is not a good idea to systematically reply to every RFQ we get. It is a far better option to spend more time analyzing the request in order to ensure we…

You have just received a new request for proposal from a customer. A big one. 30 pages, several expertise domains required, almost a hundred requirement. You have to sort it out. You will need a compliance matrix!


Before going further, let’s check some definitions of concepts we mention in this article:

Request For Proposal
An RFQ is the document a client sends you to explain more or less briefly the project he would like you to do for him. When it is very detailed, it can be considered as a specification document. …

As Internet users we litterally have the GAFAM or BATX (or any internet service provider) in the palm of our hands : our smartphone and our credit card. I think we could push them toward a strong ecological transition with those pieces of plastic and silicium.

Disclaimer : as a French citizen, most of the examples I give to illustrate my thoughts come from France.


With the inscreasing political awareness on climate change (Biden rejoining the Paris Climat Agreements, the french “Convention Citoyenne pour le Climat”, etc) and in the same time all the new digital innovation incoming (SaaS, VR…

Voici une méthode pour rédiger un cahier des charges issue de notre expérience dans la gestion de projets d’ingénierie industrielle.

Point sur le vocabulaire

Avant d’aller plus loin, voici les définitions de quelques termes utilisés dans cet article.

Dans cet article, on entend par sous-traitant celui à qui vous allez déléguer la réalisation de la prestation décrite dans le cahier des charges. Il peut appartenir à une entreprise extérieur mais il peut aussi être l’un de vos collaborateurs appartenant à un autre service.

Dans le précédent article, nous avons vu comment bien organiser et archiver nos documents dont le cahier des charges. Maintenant…

Crédit : J’aime Ma Boîte

Dans la phrase “Elle pleure car il a perdu son cadeau”, à qui était destiné le cadeau ?

Était-ce elle qui lui avait offert et lui, négligeant, l’a ensuite égaré ?
Ou bien devait-il lui offrir à elle, cependant il l’a perdu avant même de pouvoir le lui donner ?

Notre chère langue française est percluse de ce type d’incertitudes qui font qu’hors contexte il peut être compliqué de comprendre une phrase. Voire, certaines phrases identiques peuvent avoir des sens diamétralement opposés suivant leur contexte (ex : “Il loue un appartement”). …

“Oui alors regarde dans le cahier des charges… euh il est sur le réseau je crois, ou dans tes mails. Et son titre c’est …
Cahier_des_charges_v1.1_définitive (3).doc”
Aïe c’est un peu mauvais signe ! Documentation introuvable ou version incertaine ! Pour résoudre cela il suffit de structurer son organisation en mettant en place quelques méthodes plutôt simples. Voyons ensemble lesquelles.

Point sur le vocabulaire

Avant d’aller plus loin, voici les définitions de quelques termes utilisés dans cet article.

Signifiant Gestion Documentaire, c’est l’activité de gérer sa documentation de façon structurée grâce à des méthodes d’organisation ou des logiciels dédiés.

Gestion de Configuration
C’est le…

Luc Dumont

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